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You will need Johnson & Phung to navigate the confusing federal patent and trademark system. We are a small firm dedicated to building personal relationships with our clients and learning about all of the unique innovation and original work you need to have protected. Let us get to know you and your work to help you secure your patent, trademark or any other intellectual property needs.

We’ll be with you every step of the way!

Why Choose Johnson & Phung, LLC?

TIME! All of our attorneys are registered patent attorneys with each having over 16 years of experience. We move quickly and efficiently through the complex legal system to ensure protection for your original work as soon as possible.

HANDS ON Our policy is to have an attorney answer every call and email. This allows us to form personal one-on-one relationships with our clients.  Your concerns and questions won’t get lost in a giant inbox, be screened, or put on hold. We respond immediately and personally.


  • Because we are a small firm, we don’t have the glut of large firm expenses and can keep our rates competitively low.
  • It is our firm policy not to nickel and dime our clients. Whether you’re an existing client or a potentially new client we will answer any general telephone call or email free of charge.
  • Unlike most firms we don’t count minutes when you call or email, do not charge for photocopy fees, and will not send you any surprise bills. We only charge for work that you’ve authorized.
  • We’re a perfect fit for a business that does not have legal service on retainer.

Registered to Practice before the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office)

Our Commitment to Our Clients



Cost Effective


Any information that you disclose to use during your free consultation will be held in secrecy whether or not you hire us to represent you.

Our History

Johnson & Phung, LLC originated with John Stryker, Sr. who was one of the first patent attorneys in St. Paul dating back to the early 1900s. His son, John Stryker, after receiving an engineering degree from Yale University and a law degree from the St. Paul College of Law­­–a forerunner of William Mitchell College of Law–joined his father, and the firm name became Stryker and Stryker.

After Marvin Jacobson and Carl Johnson joined the firm it became Jacobson & Johnson LLC, and in 2000 Thomas Phung joined the firm.

Johnson & Phung, LLC was formed in 2017 when the esteemed Marvin Jacobson retired from Jacobson & Johnson, LLC.

We are Johnson & Phung